Why use genuine printer supplies?

Printer, MFP, and copier vendors recommend that you buy only OEM printer suppliers such as toners, drums, imaging unit, maintenance kit for quality, reliability, and peace of mind. All OEM printer supplies are designed as part of an entire printing system and tested to ensure you optimal performance and component protection.

OEM vendors’ extensive experience in the research and development of toners allows them to achieve specifically tailored toner compositions that adhere to the delicate specifications and operational design requirements of your printer investment.

Genuine Supplies = Performance Tested & Intelligently Engineered

Each component of OEM laser products — developer, toner, drum, maintenance kit — is integrated within OEM’s hardware to ensure quality output for the long term.

Why Business Users Choose Genuine OEM Supplies?

  • Precise engineering to deliver precision in documents.
  • Developed in conjunction to maximize hardware performance.
  • Black and richer colors.
  • A robust toner delivery system for demanding print applications.
  • Consistent toner yield and quality

More than performance and reliability, OEM printer supplies safeguard your investment.

The downside of using non-OEM supplies

  • It does not worth the time and hassle to deal with the high failure rate.
  • It creates additional costs such as wasted paper, replacement cartridges, poor printing quality and company  image.
  • It affect how characters fuse to the paper, and so affect hardware performance, copy quality and machine reliability.
  • Manufacturer warranty may not cover damages or malfunction caused by using non-OEM toners.

Sure, re-manufactured toners cost less, but they always have a high failure rate (even OEM toner can fail too). People may use cheap re-manufactured toner for a low-end printer at home. It just does not worth the saving and hassle to deal with non-OEM toner for business printers, especially high volume production printers and any color laser printer. You may end up with buying a new printer.

In my opinion, you won’t be saving any money when producing high-quality images is your top priority in your business.  I would say 3/4 of cheap non-OEM toner produce a low-quality  image compared to genuine OEM toners.


HP toner cartridge vs non-HP toner cartridges