Would you pay for a maintenance kit if you can buy a new printer for less?

Especially if you have just spent several hundreds dollars on four color toners less than two months ago.

It is very common that a maintenance kit and four color toners cost more than a new entry-level printer (under $1,000). That is why it makes great sense to replace a perfectly working printer, sometimes. This happens a lot for low-cost entry-level color printer or MFP. Of course, this situation does not apply to those expensive enterprise level printers and MFPs.

Here are several reasons to replace a printer or MFP, instead of spending more money on maintenance kit or printer supplies on a one-year-old printer that is working perfectly fine:

  • When promotion offers unbelievable saving on a new printer/MFP.
  • When you get fed up with endless service calls.
  • When the warranty on the old printer can no longer extend.
  • When new printers can reduce downtime, and improve productivity.
  • When new printers offer faster printing speed, and advance features.
  • When the cost of buying four color toners is more than a new printer.
  • When buying a new printer cost less than buying just a maintenance kit.

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