HP Designjet Printers

HP Designjet printers are ideal for demanding individual or multi-user with CAD/GIS environments, delivering high-quality applications, from black and white CAD drawings to color presentations, while tools like automatic media-roll alignment and accurate print previews help streamline workflows and ensure efficiency.

DesignJet T230

HP DesignJet T250

DesignJet T250

HP Designjet T530 24 inch printer

Designjet T530 24"

HP Designjet T530 36 inch printer

Designjet T530 36"

Designjet T630 24"

HDesignjet T630 36"

Designjet T650 24"

Designjet T650 36"

Designjet T730 36"

HP DesignJet T830 24-in

DesignJet T830 24"

HP DesignJet T830 36 inch ePrinter F9A30A

DesignJet T830 36"

HP Designjet Z6 24 inch PostScript Printer T8W15A

Designjet Z6 24"

HP Designjet Z6 44 inch PostScript Printer T8W16A

Designjet Z6 44" PS

HP Designjet Z6 44" PostScript Printer with V-Trimmer T8W18A

Designjet Z6 44" PS V-Trimmer

HP Designjet Z9+ 24 inch Photo Printer W3Z71A

Designjet Z9+ 24"

HP Designjet Z9+ 44 inch Photo Printer W3Z72A

Designjet Z9+ 44" PS

HP Designjet Z9+dr 44-in PostScript Printer with V-Trimmer

Designjet Z9+dr 44" PS V-Trimmer

DesignJet Studio 24"

DesignJet Studio 36"

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