Brother QL Series Labels

Brother labels, paper tape, are perfect for creating low cost labels for general office use such as envelopes, shipping packages, file folders, name badges and so much more.

DK Die-Cut LabelsColorSizeLabels per RollSKU/Buy it now
DK1209 Small address labelBlack on White1.1” x 2.4 “800Buy DK1209
DK1201 Standard address labelBlack on White1.1” x 3.5”400Buy DK1201
DK1208 Large address labelBlack on White1.4” x 3.5”400Buy DK1208
DK1202 Shipping labelBlack on White2.4” x 3.9”300Buy DK1202
DK1241 Large shipping labelBlack on White3.8” x 6”200Buy DK1241
DK1247 Large shipping labelBlack on White4.07” x 6.4”180Buy DK1247
DK1204 Multi-purpose labelBlack on White0.66” x 2.1”400Buy DK1204
DK1240 Large multi-purpose labelBlack on White1.9” x 4”600Buy DK1240
DK1203 File folder labelBlack on White0.66” x 3.4”300Buy DK1203
DK1219 Round labelBlack on White0.47”1200Buy DK1219
DK1207 CD/DVD labelBlack on White2.2” diameter100Buy DK1207
DK Continuous Length Tapes ColorLabel HeightLabel per RollSKU/Buy  it now
DK-2214 0.47”x100′ Continuous-length Paper TapeBlack on White0.47”x100′300Buy DK2214
DK2210 1.14″x100′ Continuous-length Paper TapeBlack on White1.14×100’”300Buy DK2210
DK2205 2.4″x100′ Continuous-length Paper TapeBlack on White2.4”x100′300Buy DK2205
DK2205 2.4″x100′ Continuous-length Removable Paper TapeBlack on White2.50”x100′300Buy DK4205
DK4605 2.4″x100′ Continuous-length Yellow Paper TapeBlack on Yellow2.4”x 100′300Buy DK4605
DK2243 4″x100′ Continuous-length Paper TapeBlack on White4”x100′300Buy DK2243
DK2246 4.07″x100′ Continuous-length Paper TapeBlack on White4,07”x100′300Buy DK2246
DK2211 1.1″x50′ Continuous-length Paper TapeBlack on White1.1”x 50′150Buy DK2211
DK2212 2.4″x50′ Continuous-length Paper TapeBlack on White2.4”x 50′150Buy DK2212
DK2251 2.4″x50′ Continuous-length Paper TapeBlack/Red on White2.4”x50′150Buy DK2251
DK2606 2.4″x50′ Continuous-length Yellow film TapeBlack on Yellow2.4”x50′150Buy DK2606


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