Here are several reasons why I sometime suggested the purchase of a new printer or MFP when customer is looking for a maintenance kit for a perfectly working printer:

When maintenance kit cost over 1/3 of the price of the existing printer or MFP. This happen mostly for low cost printer. Does it make any sense to pay $200 for a drum when you can buy a new color printer for $450? You may think that is $250 difference, but that is not the case. Don’t forget to count theĀ  four new toners that ship with the printer, and the new warranty.

When the monthly promotion include same or similar model of the existing printer or MFP. It makes great sense to buy what you need during the promotion.

When the printer or MFP in question is over 3 year old. Like old car that requires more frequent and more expensive maintenance, older printers cost more to maintain. Downtime is unproductive and costly to any business.

Driver compatibility can be an issue for old printer.

You can benefit form faster printing speed, more energy efficient, wireless capability of the new printer.