Why use genuine printer supplies?  Printer, MFP, and copier vendors recommend that you only buy genuine OEM suppliers such as toners, drums, maintenance kit for quality and peace of mind. All OEM printer supplies are designed as part of an entire printing system and tested to ensure your optimal performance and component protection.

Printer supplies Management.   Toner cartridges for printer, MFP, copier, and fax machine can be a huge recurring expense for business of all sizes, especially large corporation. Expenses on office equipment such as printers and copiers are fixed. This is not the case for supplies. This simple printer supplies buyer guide is written to save you and your company a lot of hassles and money.

How to reduce printing expense by 50%?   One of the several ways to reduce printing expense is to manage all printing behavior. There are many reasons and advantages to manage, control, and audit company-wide printers, even for small business and non-profit organizations trying to reduce office expense. This can be done by implementing printing management software.

How to take the guesswork out of choosing the right Original HP Supplies?  Finding the right toner for the right HP printer can be confusing sometime. You can use HP eSupplies, a handy mobile app that takes the guesswork out of choosing the right Original HP print cartridges for your printing device.

HP toner cartridge vs non-HP toner cartridges. QualityLogic completed a study for HP comparing the optical density and toner adheson of HP LaserJet printer P1501, P4015 printer, HP 36A, 64A, compare to a sample of non-HP toner cartridges. All toner cartridges tested are sold in North America. The result of the study shows that HP toner cartridges tested outperformed the non-HP toner cartridges in all areas of study.

What to choose between Scanner and MFP?  When looking for a document scanner, have you ever wondering whether it makes more sense to get a standalone or multi-purpose MFP (multifunction printer)? This all depends entirely on what you need to scan. Depending on what’s your primary requirement,  sometime an MFP will do, most of the time you will need a stand-alone document scanner. Here are the reasons.